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A little bit about us

The founder of Terra Madre, Nicole Precoudis is passionate about her farm, the people working on it and family. Her love for food runs deep. With over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, Nicole owned and ran two restaurants in Johannesburg (Cilantro in Pankhurst and Icon in Greenside). The success of these restaurants enabled her to realise her dream of buying a farm in Cape Town. A piece of heaven in the beautiful Elgin Valley.

During the 17 year period that she farmed apples, organic vegetables and olives, she began pressing apple and pear juice. After gaining popularity, a large hydraulic press was installed and the production facility on the farm, enlarged. A single varietal range of apple and pear juice was launched in 2017. With the increased demand, the farm’s focus is now on scaling the juice business and taking a quality range of seasonings to market.

Nicole and her parents, Chris and Koula Precoudis, have always been a tight-knit family. They have worked together for more than two decades towards the common goal of delivering quality in everything they do.

Chris and Koula owned butcheries in Johannesburg where Chris began offering lamb’s on the spit for events which became legendary. He developed a traditional blend of herbs and spices to season the lamb over 50 years ago.This versatile spice which we are so proud of, truly delivers the authentic flavours of Greece

Terra Madre Farm - Aerial Drone Footage - October 2016