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Terra Madre is a working farm, a food destination, a place of passion, a place where  devoted people work and play and friendships are forged around tables of wholesome local produce.

Situated in the Elgin Valley, around the corner from the famed Peregrine, Terra Madre is the home of Nicole Precoudis – well known chef and foody. Here Nicole lives her dream amongst the orchards of apples, olives, fish filled dams and the precisely managed vegetable garden.

Daughter of a Greek butcher and his wife, Nicole has been preparing traditional Greek dishes for most of her life.  Sharing her parent’s love for food and Mediterranean dishes, Nicole left the world of cheffing and is now feeding all willing and hungry peeps who have come to love both her and her cooking.



Her food is from her farm and the meat is bought from local surrounding farmers who, like her, farm with integrity and produce the highest quality.

Uncompromising, authentic food – and lots of it – is what makes Nicole tick and her “special peeps” happy. She shares her journey with unfathomable enthusiasm –  and everyone is aways welcome.
So join in, and live happily ever after!


Our new hydraulic apple press has the capacity to press 800 litres of apple / pear juice per day. After export quality apples and pears are crushed, the pulp is layered between cloth, stacked on top of each other and pressed at 50 bars pressure.

The pure, raw, unfiltered apple / pear juice which comes out the press is bottled without the addition of preservatives or sugar. A miniscule quantity of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is added to limit oxidisation, which only adds to the nutritional value of the juice. Seasonality influences the apples and pears available to be pressed at different times of the year. As with grapes, the single variety cultivars of deciduous fruit have different flavour profiles which makes things really interesting.

Due to the fact that there are no preservatives, the shelf life of the juice is 5 days from the day it is pressed. The ‘press date’ will feature on all bottles. The juice freezes excellently, so to ensure a constant supply of juice is on hand, it’s advisable to freeze the juice on the day of delivery and defrost overnight in the fridge. Alternately for a quick defrost, simply submerge the bottle in cold water until defrosted. It’s genuinely super healthy and delicious.



Farming and crafting the Terra Madre products is a realisation of a dream. I count my blessings a thousand times over.

After 10 years in the Elgin Valley, I feel totally blessed for the privilege of living in a place with beauty that feeds my soul daily, with a wonderful, caring community which has an incredible generosity of spirit.

Sincere thanks for your interest in Terra Madre products. We aim to provide you with a range of top quality produce locally sourced direct from the farms and products which have been prepared with large doses flavour, goodness and love.

Kali orexi and best wishes for good health and abundant happiness for you and yours in the year ahead

The Precoudis Family
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