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Imagine if we could eat our way to recovery.

Health & Life practitioner Dr Maria Theologides, who incorporates the principles of functional Medicine & Functional Nutrition, shares with us the fascinating world of the power of healing foods.

What is functional medicine & functional nutrition?

Functional Medicine looks to the root cause of disease, addressing it through our dietary and lifestyle choices, as opposed to masking symptoms through medication.  Functional Nutrition is scientifically proven nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body. When you have multiple symptoms, they are clues to the ways in which your body is not functioning the way it should be.

With additives in all our foods, GMO grown vegetables and over processed ingredients, it has become harder and harder to eat clean and healthy. In addition we are bombarded by different fads and trends, usually extreme in nature and difficult to sustain in a crazy busy world. Commercially available “healthy” foods and snacks are usually expensive, barely palatable and low in nutritional value.

Did you know that the humble cabbage reduces joint inflammation and helps rebuild your tissues, making an important ingredient when treating arthritis? Or that the bitter apricot kernels are super high in vitamin B17 that specifically target cancer cells?

Now Dr Maria will demystify and simplify the hitherto foggy road to nutritional health and healing. Together with Nicole , they offer us not only the information on the healing power of organic foods, but make these ingredients freshly available to you via the Terra Madre Online Store. Equipped with ingredients, knowledge and exciting recipes, Dr Maria will make health and zest accessible to you and guide you to  prepare these scrumptious meals. No special skills needed, simple enough for you to incorporate into your busy life and enjoy with your loved ones. Her philosophy is that we shouldn’t be dieting or depriving ourselves in search for a lower number on a scale or to follow trends to fix a problem but should instead be about focusing on a lifestyle choice of eating delicious nutritious foods that bring us joy and work synergistically with our bodies, bringing us health and zest.

The health and curative properties of each ingredient and recipe will be provided by Dr Maria not only for different medical conditions and symptom-alleviation, but also for health, vitality and endurance.

Some of the medical and nutritional topics that will be covered will include:

  1. Treating polycystic ovarian syndrome with a ketogenic life-style approach;
  2. The foods and lifestyle choices that alleviate pain and exhaustion of fibromyalgia sufferers;
  3. Foods that encourage brain development, improve moods and concentration in children and teenagers, while still being delicious and fun

Food with consciousness. Some of the delicious meals the wholesome ingredients and delicious meals we will encounter include:

  1. Multi-seeded Mediterranean olive and rosemary home baked ciabatta which takes a few minutes to prepare;
  2. Gluten-free, sugar free mouthwatering volcano chocolate cupcakes that can be eaten by diabetics or dieters;
  3. Delectable nutrient-rich dips and crispy crackers to be enjoyed at any dinner party;
  4. Scrumptious soul food from wholesome winter soothing and healing soups to epic traditional curries using therapeutic combinations of spices or herbs, like turmeric, cumin, ginger, and fresh or dried hot chilies

Let Dr Maria show us the way to health, healing and vitality with cooking the functional nutrition way.