Peregrine Stall July 12, 2021

Hello! Our friends over at Peregrine’s Farm Stall invited us to host a pop up stall throughout the long weekend. They sure must love us to give us this much time to sell our goods! Nevertheless, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to showcase our fresh produce which includes organically grown vegetables, single varietal cold pressed juices and deli range. Everything we sell is either grown or made on Terra Madre Farm, a mere 3km from Peregrine’s! 

This is the important part, so we hope you’ve read this far! We will NOT be delivering orders to Cape Town on TUESDAY 27 APRIL 2021. But lucky for you, we thought you might need a road trip and decided to give you the chance to place your order online and collect it over the weekend at Peregrine. This is not normal protocol, and our production department is not impressed, but we have decided to open our ordering windows a little more for that fresh weekend breeze. So head on over to our website to check out some of our extra special deals.