Bio Fruit and Vegetable Wash (500 ml)


We are the product of what we consume and the impact of our environment – this will influence the expression of our genetic predisposition.

Every choice we make on what we eat, drink, put onto our bodies and are exposed to determines the outcome of our health.

“Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within her or his body at least 700 contaminants, most of which have not been well studied (Onstot and others).”

“Use of pesticides is poorly regulated and often dangerous” , “In parts of the developing world, pesticide poisoning causes more deaths than infectious disease.”

How well do you wash your fruit and vegetables?

You might be surprised to learn that very little of what’s on those fresh vegetables and fruits actually comes off when you simply rinse or rub them under running water.

And with today’s large-scale, global food system, our vegetables and fruits are at greater risk than ever for harbouring dangerous contaminants and pesticide residues.

Peeling a piece of fruit or vegetable is sometimes an option, but it strips away beneficial nutrients that are found in the peel.

To make matters worse, most produce is waxed after harvest to withstand the long journey to market and to protect against the many hands that touch it.

Wax seals in pesticide residues and debris, which make them even more difficult to remove with just water.

So to reach the contaminants buried beneath the surface of your vegetables and fruits, you need a cleanser that also removes the wax.

Now There’s a Solution That Effectively Removes Toxic Residues and Contaminants:

Dr Maria’s Bio Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Dr Maria’s Bio Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a fast, safe solution to the problem of contaminated produce.

Easy to use:

add 5ml (one teaspoon) to 2l of water, simply soak the vegetables or fruits you wish to eat or cook, wait two to 5 minutes, agitate by hand, and rinse under running water. That’s it. No scrubbing required! Dirt and particles wash away, along with potentially harmful contaminants. You can also apply a drop directly to the fruit and vegetables before rinsing.

Dr Maria’s Bio Fruit and Vegetable Wash  is all-natural, tasteless, and naturally scented with mint

contains no alcohol, harsh detergents or toxic chemicals

It safely lifts wax, surface pesticide residues and dirt from commercially and organically grown produce, leaving your fruit and veg, truly clean and ready to eat.

Composed & bottled by Zinchar (Pty) Ltd.