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Bon Chrieten Pears (Willams Pear) – 5 kg Box


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A bell-shaped pear also known as a Bartlett or William’s pear.

Great for snacking, cooking, drying, juicing and preserving.
Skin: Green-yellow to yellow with brown specks.
Flesh: Creamy-white.
Texture: Smooth and fine.
Taste: Fragrant, sweet and juicy.

Usually just called William’s, this is a beautiful old pear variety – large, sweet, smooth and very juicy with the fruit turning from green to yellow when ripe.

The Williams Bon Chretien pear variety is the most commonly grown European style pear in the world.
Amongst it’s many virtues are the following:
– Good flavour and aroma
– Heritage variety dating back to the 1700s
– Early season varietal.