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Bulk Apple & Plum Promo (5 kg) – 2.5 kg Panorama Golden Apples & 2.5 kg Laetitia Plums


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Freshly Harvested | Export Quality | Low Residue Apples – Conventionally farmed in the EGVV region
(Elgin| Grabouw| Vyeboom| Villiersdorp)

Freshly harvested Laetitia Plums conventionally grown on our neighbours farm.

Laetitia was bred by Infruitec in South Africa and released in 1985.
It has a bright red with a yellowish background skin colour, often with numerous white lenticel spots. The flesh is dark yellow to light orange and has a melting, juicy texture. Unlike many other plums, Laetitia has already developed a good flavour at the picking-ripe stage, and when eating-ripe has a pleasant, sweet taste with a good aroma.

Plums are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Research has also claimed that the stone fruit has similar antioxidant levels to blueberries and therefore should be recognised as a super fruit.

Storage: Keep refrigerated. Take out fruit as needed to ripen.