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Truth D.D.T (Deep, Dark & Twisted Coffee Beans) 225 g


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Our first new blend in 5 years!

Amazingly approachable as an espresso, low in Acidity (yes, we said low!) Rich and deep as a flat white.

The trouble with building a business on a philosophy is you have to live it. A fundamental principle of Truth is to question our beliefs. We have always known that the best way for coffee to shine through milk in a Latte type drink is acidity.


So when the sighing died down after the famous chef said

“can you do it without the acidity?”

We had to return to the drawing board. Our beloved micro lots with their gorgeous acidity were set aside and the dark work began. The result is DDT or if you are on familiar terms, Deep, Dark and Twisted. And so it is. First and foremost a spectacular and approachable espresso, but in the end a respectable and nurturing basis for a Flat White.

Think of a loving granny with a hidden past perhaps?


Espresso Grind, Plunger Grind