Fruit & Organically Grown Veg Box Incl. Free 1 kg Smoothie Blueberries


All the vegetables and herbs are organically grown on Terra Madre Farm and are delivered within 24 hours of being harvested. Produce is packed loose in boxes. Compostable PLA packaging made from plant material is used for veg that require packaging.

1 Bunch Leeks
1 Bunch Turnips
1 Bunch Swiss chard
1 Bunch Asian Mustard Greens
1 Bunch Purple Kohlrabi
1 Bunch Purple Swiss chard
2 Baby Gem Lettuce
1 Red Frisee Lettuce
1 Mixed Red mustard Greens & Rocket (180 g pkt)
1 Bunch Soup Celery
Herb pack – Rosemary, Bay Leaves, Thyme, Italian Parsley,Thai Makrut Leaves

Organically Grown Citrus :-
1 kg Valencia Oranges
1 kg Small Clementines
1 kg Marsh Grapefruit

Export Quality, Conventionally farmed, Low Residue Apples & Pears:
500 g Golden Delicious Apples
500 g Granny Smith Apples
500 g Packham Pears

FREE 1 kg Freshly Harvested Smoothie Blueberries

Please Note that some produce might be replaced subject to availability.