Fruit & Organically Grown Veg Box

R420.00 R340.00

All the vegetables are Organically Grown on Terra Madre Farm

1 Bunch Purple Kohlrabi
4 Bringals
500 g Green Peppers
1 Endive
200 g Rocket
1 Bunch Swiss chard
2 Iceberg Lettuce
1 Batavia Lettuce (Crisp, curly green lettuce)
1 Bunch Mizuna (200 g) – Japanese mustard greens
80 g Green Cayenne Chillies
80 g Mini Peppers – multicoloured
3 Makrut Limes
Herb Pack with : Rosemary, Italian Parsley,Bay Leaves, Thyme
Sage & Fresh Makrut (Thai) Lime Leaves

Export Quality Low Residue Apples & Pears  :-

1 kg Freshly Harvested Pink Lady Apples
1 kg Freshly Harvested Granny Smith Apples
1 kg Freshly Harvested Fuji Apples
1 kg Freshly Harvested Forelle Pears

FREE-500 ml TM Cold Pressed Single Varietal Apple Juice
(No sugar, no preservatives, unfiltered and unpasteurised)

Please Note that some produce might be replaced subject to availability