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Hummus Bi Tahini (chickpea & tahini dip)

Baba Ganoush (prepared with TM organically grown  bringals char grilled over coals, parsley & extra virgin olive oil)

Non GMO corn chips

2 x Scotch Egg (Grass fed Beef OR Pork mince wrapped around a free range egg and crumbed)

2 x Marinated roasted free range chicken breasts with a spiced yoghurt & herb dressing

Balsamic, bay & thyme pickled organically grown TM beetroot With herbed couscous, Feta cheese & toasted sunflower seeds

Seasonal Garden salad with TM salad dressing


Langbaken Karoo Bossie (Award-winning mature cheddar from the upper Karoo)

wholewheat crackers, plumbrillo (plum version of the Spanish membrillo paste – great accompaniment to cheese)

Freshly harvested apple & pear (2 of each)


Mini Italian Apple cake


Includes : Compostable utensils & serviettes

(serves 2)

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