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Joya (Sundowner) Apples – 5 Kg Box – Export Quality


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A new variety, Joya are crisp, sweet and juicy.They are conventionally grown. Low residue apples.

Cripps Red (Sundowner; Joya). Category: Apple – Bicoloured. Cripps Red is a late season variety from the same stable as Pink Lady.

The original tree was bred by John Cripps from Golden Delicious × Lady Williams. Cripps Red fruit can be marketed as Sundowner apples, if they are sufficiently good quality they are also sold as Joya in Europe.

A sister cultivar to the popular Pink Lady® selection, Sundowner® has a sweet, crispy, white flesh and excellent flavour.

The density of Sundowner apples means it is a good cooking apple as it holds it’s shape.