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Laetitia Plums – 500 g (Ripen at Home)


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Freshly harvested Laetitia Plums conventionally grown on our neighbours farm

A mid-season varietal, Laetitia plums are generally larger and have bright red skin which gradually darkens as it matures. The flesh is orange-yellow and very slightly crunchy even when ready to eat. At peak maturity and softness, Laetitia has moderated sweetness, and an attractively fragrant, though light, flavoUr.

Sweetness ★★☆☆☆ / Sourness ★★★☆☆
Sensation: Basically crunchy and sour but turns softer,
sweeter and juicier as it ripens
Storage: Keep refrigerated. Leave at ambient temperature for
several days to ripen and sweeten.