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Organically Grown Bergamot Oranges – Buy 3 kg Get 1 kg Cara Cara Free


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While too bitter to be eaten raw,these aromatic oranges are ideal for making marmalade and jam.

Although we usually encounter bergamot as essence perfuming our cologne or Earl Grey tea, the fruit itself is a marvel. It has a heady aroma, and it tastes exactly the same way it smells–spicy, acidic, with a hint of green jasmine. It’s much sharper than lemon but also more complex and fragrant.

Bergamot is a deliciously aromatic citrus fruit, likely a natural hybrid of a sour orange and a lemon or citron, with a sharp, intensely citrus flavor and a sour zing. The fruit is the size of an orange, yet similar in color to a lime

Bergamot fruit has many health benefits because of its rich concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Though it is now being used for making tasty, healthy and nutritious jams, it also has been used for making custards, cookies, syrups, marmalades, and different types of cocktails.

Bergamot juice can be substituted for lemon in marinades, sauces or dressings. Imagine poached salmon with bergamot mayonnaise or bergamot-basil pesto rubbed over pork chops. The juicy flesh can be tossed with salad greens, onions, and parsley to accompany grilled meat or seafood. But in Calabria and much of southern Italy, bergamot usually ends up candied or in a jam.