Organically Grown Eureka Seedless Lemons – 1 kg


The Seedless Eureka Lemon was originally developed for commercial citrus growers, catering to the domestic and international demand for a seedless lemon.

Eureka lemon tree bears the pink-fleshed eureka lemon fruits. Similar to the Lisbon lemon variety, the eureka lemons thick rind also contains lemon oil that emits a nice fragrance and strong citrus scent. Eureka lemons’ mammilla or the nipple are also very pronounced and the inner part of its peel is medium-thick with white color.

Eureka lemons are being used in different sweet to savory dishes. It is well-known as one of the ingredients of the famous meringue pie. Eureka lemon zest and juice are also used in cocktails, syrups, dressings and marinades.