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Organically Grown Lisbon Lemons – 1kg


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Unwaxed and freshly harvested in Citrusdal.

Lisbon lemons have medium-sized, oblong-shaped lemons with a very protruding nipple on the opposite end of the rounded stem end. This lemon variety also has a smooth and bright yellow medium-thick rind when mature. Its finely fitted oil glands offer an enticing citrusy scent once it’s scratched or rubbed.

Lisbon lemon fruits grow on both dwarf and tall-stature evergreen trees. Once you cut it open, the flesh of lisbon lemons is very juicy and acidic with few to no seeds at all. It is also yellow-pale in color.

Lisbon lemons are also the most popular and widely cultivated lemon variety around the world. This type of lemon has a peak season in the winter and early spring months, but they are also available whole-year round.

This type of lemon can be used fresh and raw, or used for desserts such as lemon custards. It can also be sliced lengthwise and used as a garnish or scrape its skin to be used as a lemon zest. The acid content of the lisbon lemon is also good for tenderizing meat or fish.

Just like the other different types of lemons, lisbon lemons also contain vitamin C, folate and potassium. These nutrients are antioxidants that help in boosting the immune system.