Organically Grown Veg Box Promo


We have a bountiful crop of these vegetables and herbs growing on the farm at the moment which are freshly harvested the day before delivery #naturalsweetness #highnutrionalvalue :

1 Bunch Swiss chard
1 Bunch Leeks
1 Bunch Radish
1 Chinese Cabbage (large)
1 Bunch Sorrel (150 g)
1 Bunch Mizuna 200 g (Japanese mustard greens)
1 Batavia Lettuce
1 Green Oak Lettuce
1 Red Oak Lettuce
1 Curly Endive
Large Bunch Rocket (200 g)
5 Green Peppers
80 g Mini Peppers (multicoloured – medium heat)
80 g Green Cayenne Chillies
Herb pack – Rosemary, Bay Leaves, Thyme, Italian Parsley,Coriander, Fresh Makrut
Lime Leaves
2 Fresh Makrut Limes (Thai limes)

Free -1 Royal Gala Apple Juice (500 ml)