South Africa, October 2019; artisan farmer and juice-purveyor, Nicole Precoudis has just launched a range of single-varietal cold pressed juices. The first of its kind in South Africa.

The idea was born at her apple farm in Elgin, where Nicole regularly presses cloudy apple juice from her crop for those lucky enough to visit her there. 

“I have a deep connection with food. I refuse to compromise on ethically sourced ingredients and organically-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs,” shares Nicole.

She lives on her Elgin farm, Terra Madre, with her family. “Terra Madre is first and foremost all about our family. Myself, my mom, Koula and dad, Chris. It’s also about the community we serve, and about the many families who support our vision of wholesome and fresh produce from the small farmer. It is about a vision greater than us—a mission to genuinely make a difference in society and in peoples’ health, while honouring and respecting Mother Earth, hence our carefully thought out name: Terra Madre.

Nicole grew up in a foodie household, her dad was a well-respected butcher for 35 years and her mom’s passion for authentic Greek cuisine filled the home with joy. A trained chef Nicole opened a number of restaurants before fulfilling her dream of owning a Cape farm, which has now been their home for over 13 years.

“I believe in uncompromising quality of products sans sugar, preservatives and the other nonsense that is present in so many food and beverages. I believe this has contributed greatly to the cancer epidemic, illnesses and allergies, which have become prevalent globally in the last two decades. 

“With the juice being unfiltered, unpasteurised and unadulterated with nothing but the 100 % pure ‘raw’ juice in the bottle, it will appeal to people who are striving to live healthy, balanced lives.”

Much like in cultivar-specific winemaking Nicole says: “One cannot make a great wine without great grapes, and the same is true for great juice. The ingredient is the most important.”


“We are the first to launch a range of single varietal apple and pear juices in the South African market. It’s remarkable how the flavour profile of the different cultivars differs so dramatically due to the varying sugar and acidity levels, which also adds to the juices appeal. ”

A healthy, delicious artisan juice, handcrafted from single varietal apples and pears. Quality fruit from the Elgin Valley is handpicked, crushed and cold pressed at 50-bar pressure in a hydraulic press, which extracts the juice without applying heat. The natural antioxidant levels are enhanced with the addition of a small amount of Vitamin C, which minimises oxidisation. Due to the absence of preservatives, the juice is frozen on press day and sold frozen. It needs to be refrigerated and has a shelf life of four days once defrosted. Not only is there no sugar or preservatives the juice is also not pasteurised so the nutritional value is intact.  

The varietals available throughout the year will change according to what is seasonally available. In the range, there will always be a minimum of one pear and two apple cultivars to choose from, such as: Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Forelle Pear, Packham Pear.

“We only use quality fruit from the Elgin, Grabouw, Vyeboom & Villiersdorp areas from Global Gap Accredited farms,” explains Nicole. “When we are not pressing our own fruit we buy fruit from Two A Day. The fruit is quality fruit from the pack house run which doesn’t conform to the group’s size and aesthetic criteria. By pressing single varietal juices, our produce is set apart from others currently available on the market.”

Terra Madre’s Single-Varietal Cold Pressed Juices are available for both retail and hospitality. The range, priced at … is currently stocked at leading retailers, markets and restaurants around the Western Cape including: Spar, Giovanni’s Deli, Wellness Warehouse, Tokara Deli, and more. With the capacity to press 800 litres per day Terra Madre can supply and package on any scale for corporate gifting or large events.

P.s Ask Nicole about her vintage cider, Terra Madre Pomme Classique—a natural, handcrafted cider made with great care in the same time honoured method as Normandy cider.

Visit for more info, call: 021 848 9626 or email: [email protected]